Friday, December 30, 2011

New Traditions

So a few days have passed since I have blogged.  Christmas has passed, I hope the time for remembering our Savior has not passed.  We should all remember that Jesus Christ is not just the "Reason for the Season", but He IS the reason for our entire life. If you have not made HIM your personal friend, savior, conforter and guide, don't wait, do so today.  Admit you have sinned,   that he died for you so your sins will be forgiven, then ask Him to forgive your sins.  Start the new year off right.  Make a new tradition and  Love on Him.
This Christmas, I made handmade cards for my friends and family.  I also made a different set for my church friends.  As a new tradition, I had all our family make handmade ornaments.  Some were quite funny.  My hubby glued a group of acorns together, we had a paint brush on a cord, a angel that looked like a ghost, a handprint, and others that were very good.  One of my daughters and my mom forgot to make theirs, so I turned over my craft room to them so they could complete the task.

My definition (not Websters)
     TRADITION:  Something that you wish to start and continue.

Enjoy and be So Scrappy!