Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Scrap vs Trash

Do you throw it away or save it? Those little peices of left-over sheets of cardstock or patterened paper. How do you know what to do with it? I struggle with the fact that if I were to keep every peice of scrap, I would need a whole seperate room just to store the scraps. On the other hand, if I throw it away, am I contributing to waste. With recycle so high on peoples minds, what is a scrapper to do? I heard one lady say if it fits in a toilet paper tube, then she throws it away? Now, do I really have time to measure? I would much rather crop. So, my decision is this... if the page left over is at least the size of a photograph (4x6) then its a keeper! If I have to think about it...then its trash.

Definition (not Websters):
     TRASH:    Something you really don't need.

Enjoy and be So Scrappy!


Friday, October 21, 2011

Cyber World-Everybody's doing it!

When I set out to start a Blog, I had no clue what I was doing.  For a week, I would open this site and look in total confusion.  Well, I have done it, (I hope), and I'm still confused!  My postings won't be long and wordy, they will just be me.  Simple, honest, plain, ME! 

My goal, when starting this blog is to tell, as simply as I can, a bit of scrappy tidbits.  Thus, the title, "So Scrappy Sheila"  Scrapping does not come easy to me.  I'm not real creative.  Quite frankly, I scraplift most everything I do.  Pages, Cards, Home Decor, Crafts.

So, my first definition (not Websters):
     SCRAPLIFT:  Finding a item you love and making it your own.

Enjoy and be So Scrappy,