Friday, March 23, 2012


The easy part:  I'm going to the 2012 Close To My Heart Convention in Dallas, TX!   Deciding to do this, was a no brainer, cause who wouldn't want to spend a few days surrounded by ladies with the same passion as me!  Scrapbooking!  Yeah, I'm excited!

The hard part:  Deciding to enter contest.  Creating the page and sending it in to corporate.

The easy part:  Having my own ideas after hearing the contest rules, got me excited. Creating the page & taking the picture easy!

The hard part:  Clicking Send.  Feeling insecure with my pages after seeing so many talented ladies pages, is a bit overwhelming.  But, I did it.  Click-Send-Done.

I actually designed this page on my own, no scraplift!  With one exception, the picture of the precious little boy, 3 then - 11 now, was lifted right off another page that I had done several years ago, titled "Boots"  When I heard about the contest, I immedietly thought about this picture and how perfect it would be!  I think you will agree. 

My definition (not Websters)
     Bravery- Getting out of your comfort zone and doing what you wouldn't expect yourself to do!

Enjoy and be So Scrappy!

Monday, March 12, 2012

What Is Missing?

PHOTOS, that's what is missing!  I usually print my own pictures.  Mainly because when I make scrapbook pages the pictures are odd sizes.  So using Adobe PhotoShop, I am able to customize the exact size I need.  However, I have been very busy, trying to get layouts done for our new, exciting CTMH papers.  I have been just placing a white paper with the size of pic I need so I can "get to it" later.

It is later.  But now going to the printer, I realize I'm OUT of ink!  I've had my new laptop and printer for a year and this is the first time in that year I have been completely out!  I usually try to purchase at least one ahead so printing won't keep me from completing a layout. 

In the spirit of Girl Scouts everywhere...BE PREPARED!

Yep, thats my definition (not Websters)
     Prepared:  Planning ahead so you can complete projects.

Enjoy and be So Scrappy