Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Holiday Photo Tips

While I was sorting and collating thru 35 years of holiday pictures, I have come up with some rules to follow.

1. Always wear the same clothes to all family functions per holiday.

2. Never wear the same thing two years in a row.

3. Always date your printed pictures.

                                                          These rules apply to All Family members. Trust me on these rules. 35 years from now, you WILL thank me!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Halloween: A Frightful time?

Those that know me, know that I don't do a lot of Halloween.  Don't really know why, just prefer the not so scarry stuff.  Now, I do enjoy the pumpkins, and LOVE fall colors and have my share of fall leaves and jack-o-lantern decor around my house.  (I even have a ceramic witch! eak!)  Here at Close To My Heart, we have an abundance of myacrylic stamps.  Pictured you will find some spooky spice bottles with labels that were created using the Magic Potions C1509 stamp set.  The card features the Wicked S1108 (retired) stamp set.  Stay tuned, I might create another few cards...who knows.

My definition:  (Not Websters)
     Frightful:  Jumping out on a limb and doing something that is not in your comfort zone.

Enjoy and Be So Scrappy

Sunday, September 16, 2012


I know these tiny, little leaves are not CTMH, but they were in the $1 bins at Michaels.  I love fall and these cute little gold-dusted leaves were screaming (gently of course) "Look at me and take me home!"  I couldn't resist, especially since my cartridges are missing in action.

Just a brief note.  Many of us go to crop's and take everything we have to those crops.  After arriving home from my recent retreat, I unpacked only to realize that both my CTMH Cricut cartridges were not in any of my bags.  LOST somewhere in all the confusion.  The lesson I learned was:  Put your name on everything if you value it.   So heed my lesson, don't assume you will return with everything you own and label your stuff!

My definition (not Websters)
Label:  Making sure you put your name on everything.

Enjoy and be So Scrappy

Friday, August 31, 2012

Retreat & Scrapbook

Had the best time at a scrapbooking retreat in Tyler, Texas.  Memory Lane Inn is simply the best place to hang out!  You can see in the pic, that there is plenty of room to spread out and have great fellowship while creating your craft.  One of the ladies with us is an author, and took the time to relax to write, another did art for her daughters room, but all the rest of us scrapbooked.  I must tell you, I am a slow scrapper, compared to most.  One lady, banged out 2 complete scrapbooks!  One of her 30th birthday and another of a recent trip to New York.   That's right 22 pages in each!  Wow!  Another lady completed one 20 page Brazil themed album!  I, on the other hand, completed 11...Pages!  Oh, well, I did have fun!  I won a fantastic door prize, which was a Christmas Album, pages with protectors, paper and embellishments!   (From Creative Memories, Jennifer McLemore  (I'm sure some of my CTMH buddies would not like me to honor this website, however it is my blog and I DO love the prize!)    It has inspired me to gather my Christmas pics and do a complete album, like my retreat friends.  Look for it on my coffee table this Christmas!  While you are puttering around on the internet, check out the retreat location we went to and then check out my pictures on my facebook page.

My definition:  (not Webster's )
 RETREAT :  The ability to relax, get away from the kids, hubby and housework and do what YOU want!

Enjoy and be so scrappy!

Monday, July 30, 2012

All new Cricut Artiste

Love the new cartridge especially when asked to help with decorating for a baby shower. These invitations were made using the Artiste pg 64 (V) I cut the diaper card at 5" and the pin accent 2 at 1/2", pg 55 (G) I found the bow, accent 3 cut at 1 1/2 " Stay tuned for more decorations!

Thursday, July 12, 2012


It's my first, yes I am a newbie!  I even have the bling on my badge to prove it!  CTMH Convention 2012!  Having a blast learning about all the new products that my customers can order on August 1, 2012!  I have met tons of ladies who have the same passion as me in scrapbooking and have learned tons of new ways to make cards.  I just tingle over all the new products, some that I want to share are:  Another new CRICUT cartridge, Alchohol Markers, new colors, bulk cardstock, home decor products...the list goes on and on!  Visit my CTMH facebook page and you can be teased with the pictures of convention!

Definition for the day (Not Websters):  NEWBIE     A person who goes to CTMH convention for the very first time and meets no strangers and they make you feel so welcome that you want to go to convention every year no matter where it will be held.

Enjoy and be So Scrappy!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Trading Cards

If you didn't know, I'm going to CTMH Convention! You can see my countdown ticker on this page. This will be my first time to go to
A Scrapbooking convention and I do believe I will almost be in Heaven! 3 complete days of endless scrapping with the newest papers and tools in the industry! Oh, yeah, almost Heaven! While there, a lot of consultants trade cards to share ideas. So my picture is of the simply made card that I am trading. I can't wait to get others and their ideas

Monday, April 23, 2012

Archival Safe Photo Protection

I needed to scrapbook a picture from my wedding.  I pulled it out and was shocked.  The plastic from my album had begun to melt on to my picture.  You have to look close, cause the image is bad quality.   I immediately took all the photos out and placed them into a photo safe album.  Only a few were not damaged. 

My definition (not Websters)
     Archival Safe:  Taking all your precious photos and get them out of those OLD albums and magnetic pages (you know the ones from the 60's and 70's) that are not safe for your photos.  Be sure the protectors say "photo safe"  "archival safe"  You want to make sure your priceless photos will not be damaged.  EVER!

Enjoy and be So Scrappy!

Convention Layout Contest

My layout for our Convention Contest.  That's my 1st Grandboy, taken 11 years ago!  I thought this was so approiate for our contest that I took it off another layout!  Using the Stella paper and borders,  I took our Bakers Twine to make a lasso to going around the Dimensional Elements star hovering over the city of Dallas!  The map of Texas was used with our Crusin' paper.  Can not wait until we cruise on in to Dallas!

Enjoy and be So Scrappy!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Full Sized Computer!

Now, while a laptop is not a luxury anymore, to me it is.  This month, anyway!  We are in our little cabin, on the back side of Lake Ouachita, where my hubbie fishes while waiting for turkey season to begin.  While up here, I scrapbook.  Trying to catch up on my blog.  I used my I-Phone.  NOT the same!  The little store "Buckville Country Store", in Buckville, Arkansas, has Wi-Fi along with a FaceBook page!  UpTown!

So here are some of the pages that I have done, so far while on my little "retreat"  Now, I haven't added pictures, but then again, there is the modern convience of a printer!

Definition of the day (not Websters):
     Modern:  Something that you don't normally do without, but when you don't have it, you miss it!

It isn't quite as modern as I thought it would be, cause I can only load these two!  Oh, well.  These two layouts are highlighting our new National Scrapbooking Month paper packet, "Dotty For You"  You can get this packet for only $5, when you purchase $35 in products!

Enjoy and be So Scrappy!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

MoJo Monday #0235

Check out this link for inspiration: This sketch was designed by Teresa Kline.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Layout A Day

While I would prefer to be on a Scrapbooking Retreat or a cruise, my rustic little cabin in the woods will have to suffice for this month. (there is no Internet so my trusty little IPhone will be my friend for my blogs) I am on a mission to complete a layout and card per day while my hubbie hopes to bag that Turkey and catch his limit every day! Now all I can hop for is the cook to fix all my favorites while I just relax and scrap all day!

My definition for the day(not Websters):
Rustic: Being on a Scrapbooking Retreat where you are the guest and still having to do all the cooking/cleaning and your by yourself!

Enjoy and be So Scrappy

Friday, March 23, 2012


The easy part:  I'm going to the 2012 Close To My Heart Convention in Dallas, TX!   Deciding to do this, was a no brainer, cause who wouldn't want to spend a few days surrounded by ladies with the same passion as me!  Scrapbooking!  Yeah, I'm excited!

The hard part:  Deciding to enter contest.  Creating the page and sending it in to corporate.

The easy part:  Having my own ideas after hearing the contest rules, got me excited. Creating the page & taking the picture easy!

The hard part:  Clicking Send.  Feeling insecure with my pages after seeing so many talented ladies pages, is a bit overwhelming.  But, I did it.  Click-Send-Done.

I actually designed this page on my own, no scraplift!  With one exception, the picture of the precious little boy, 3 then - 11 now, was lifted right off another page that I had done several years ago, titled "Boots"  When I heard about the contest, I immedietly thought about this picture and how perfect it would be!  I think you will agree. 

My definition (not Websters)
     Bravery- Getting out of your comfort zone and doing what you wouldn't expect yourself to do!

Enjoy and be So Scrappy!

Monday, March 12, 2012

What Is Missing?

PHOTOS, that's what is missing!  I usually print my own pictures.  Mainly because when I make scrapbook pages the pictures are odd sizes.  So using Adobe PhotoShop, I am able to customize the exact size I need.  However, I have been very busy, trying to get layouts done for our new, exciting CTMH papers.  I have been just placing a white paper with the size of pic I need so I can "get to it" later.

It is later.  But now going to the printer, I realize I'm OUT of ink!  I've had my new laptop and printer for a year and this is the first time in that year I have been completely out!  I usually try to purchase at least one ahead so printing won't keep me from completing a layout. 

In the spirit of Girl Scouts everywhere...BE PREPARED!

Yep, thats my definition (not Websters)
     Prepared:  Planning ahead so you can complete projects.

Enjoy and be So Scrappy

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Happy Valentines Day

I made these little treat boxes using the Cricuit Art Philosophy.   I used the following:  Shift/ Snwflke1/Font Layer. Cut at 5" they are the perfect size for a Dove chocolate. Be sure to tell the receiver to read the promise inside the wrapper!
Also the tags are: Oval1-cut at 1-1/2 " stamped off centered with Dec STOM "Mad About You" S1112 , Heart1-cut at 1-1/2" and stamped with retired "Jubliation" D1457

Tuesday, January 31, 2012


In my quest to catch up on incomplete projects, I have completed a few this weekend. Pictured are a card workshop using the retired Hooligan paper packet. Also pictured, a Christmas Countdown Box using the retired Believe paper packet. Not pictured, are 3 double layouts. FINISHED!
My definition (not Websters)
     CATCH-UP:  Taking time to finish no matter what!

Enjoy and be So Scrappy

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Unfinished projects.  New Year.  New Storage.  New Goals. Time to get into the zone.  The craft room zone! 

For Christmas, I got new a new storage cabinet to add in my craft room.   While rearranging things, I found several unfished projects that, at the time, were important to me.  Now...not so important.  Getting sidetracked on crafty projects for the Holidays: banners, cards & candles, Nevertheless, they do need to get done.  So, I begin.  I hope everyone reading this will finish those forgotten projects and move on with the new year and new ideas.

My definition (not Websters)
     COMPLETION:  Nothing is complete until it is finished.

Enjoy and be So Scrappy!