Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Scrap vs Trash

Do you throw it away or save it? Those little peices of left-over sheets of cardstock or patterened paper. How do you know what to do with it? I struggle with the fact that if I were to keep every peice of scrap, I would need a whole seperate room just to store the scraps. On the other hand, if I throw it away, am I contributing to waste. With recycle so high on peoples minds, what is a scrapper to do? I heard one lady say if it fits in a toilet paper tube, then she throws it away? Now, do I really have time to measure? I would much rather crop. So, my decision is this... if the page left over is at least the size of a photograph (4x6) then its a keeper! If I have to think about it...then its trash.

Definition (not Websters):
     TRASH:    Something you really don't need.

Enjoy and be So Scrappy!


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