Friday, August 31, 2012

Retreat & Scrapbook

Had the best time at a scrapbooking retreat in Tyler, Texas.  Memory Lane Inn is simply the best place to hang out!  You can see in the pic, that there is plenty of room to spread out and have great fellowship while creating your craft.  One of the ladies with us is an author, and took the time to relax to write, another did art for her daughters room, but all the rest of us scrapbooked.  I must tell you, I am a slow scrapper, compared to most.  One lady, banged out 2 complete scrapbooks!  One of her 30th birthday and another of a recent trip to New York.   That's right 22 pages in each!  Wow!  Another lady completed one 20 page Brazil themed album!  I, on the other hand, completed 11...Pages!  Oh, well, I did have fun!  I won a fantastic door prize, which was a Christmas Album, pages with protectors, paper and embellishments!   (From Creative Memories, Jennifer McLemore  (I'm sure some of my CTMH buddies would not like me to honor this website, however it is my blog and I DO love the prize!)    It has inspired me to gather my Christmas pics and do a complete album, like my retreat friends.  Look for it on my coffee table this Christmas!  While you are puttering around on the internet, check out the retreat location we went to and then check out my pictures on my facebook page.

My definition:  (not Webster's )
 RETREAT :  The ability to relax, get away from the kids, hubby and housework and do what YOU want!

Enjoy and be so scrappy!


  1. Just became a follower! I also added you to my CTMH sisters blog list on my blog at :-) I discovered we have something in common besides CTMH! I noticed you got married to your high school sweetheart the same year I married MY high school sweetheart! How funny is that? Instead of 2 daughters though, I have a son and a daughter with 4 granddaughters and 1 step-granddaughter(from my son)!!! Wanna trade a couple boys for girls? Ha ha!

  2. Carol, did you celebrate that it was a bicentienal year? (my mom tried to get us to!) Did ya'll wear tuxes at your wedding? Ours were Yellow with black pants! LOL Actually very retro now. But boy when you look back...what laughs! Maybe not trade grand kiddos, but you train your sweet girls right and I'll do the same thing for my boys, and maybe we can hook them up in a few years!