Saturday, January 26, 2013

Not having blogged for quite some time, I decided that this should be it.  I have been absorbed in taking pictures of the grandboys.  Mostly fun pics, candid ones, the kind that you don't have to worry if the face is clean or dirty, or if they are posing oh so cute.  Just pictures.  For, some time in the future, they will be just memories.  Journaling about the fun we had while playing in the mud.  The squeals.  The screams.  The laughter.  All memories that have to be scrapbooked.  Now just finding the time.

My definition:  (Not Websters)
     CANDID-  Not worrying about glamour shots, just having fun taking pictures.

Enjoy and Be So Scrappy

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  1. Clearly, I am not worrying about the layout of this blog. LOL Never have put more that one pic at a time. Guess this is why. Column reading!