Friday, March 23, 2012


The easy part:  I'm going to the 2012 Close To My Heart Convention in Dallas, TX!   Deciding to do this, was a no brainer, cause who wouldn't want to spend a few days surrounded by ladies with the same passion as me!  Scrapbooking!  Yeah, I'm excited!

The hard part:  Deciding to enter contest.  Creating the page and sending it in to corporate.

The easy part:  Having my own ideas after hearing the contest rules, got me excited. Creating the page & taking the picture easy!

The hard part:  Clicking Send.  Feeling insecure with my pages after seeing so many talented ladies pages, is a bit overwhelming.  But, I did it.  Click-Send-Done.

I actually designed this page on my own, no scraplift!  With one exception, the picture of the precious little boy, 3 then - 11 now, was lifted right off another page that I had done several years ago, titled "Boots"  When I heard about the contest, I immedietly thought about this picture and how perfect it would be!  I think you will agree. 

My definition (not Websters)
     Bravery- Getting out of your comfort zone and doing what you wouldn't expect yourself to do!

Enjoy and be So Scrappy!

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