Monday, March 12, 2012

What Is Missing?

PHOTOS, that's what is missing!  I usually print my own pictures.  Mainly because when I make scrapbook pages the pictures are odd sizes.  So using Adobe PhotoShop, I am able to customize the exact size I need.  However, I have been very busy, trying to get layouts done for our new, exciting CTMH papers.  I have been just placing a white paper with the size of pic I need so I can "get to it" later.

It is later.  But now going to the printer, I realize I'm OUT of ink!  I've had my new laptop and printer for a year and this is the first time in that year I have been completely out!  I usually try to purchase at least one ahead so printing won't keep me from completing a layout. 

In the spirit of Girl Scouts everywhere...BE PREPARED!

Yep, thats my definition (not Websters)
     Prepared:  Planning ahead so you can complete projects.

Enjoy and be So Scrappy

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